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Revamping the Accessories

Given enough time most homes will go through multiple stages of decorating makeovers. I for one am a woman who likes to change out throw pillow covers sooner than what's needed. The seasons have a lot to do with my pillow cover addiction, along with the fact that I have a serious fabric fetish. For my living area I probably will never settle for one accent fabric pattern, but I have embraced a way to stay put where other accessories come into play. I am a thrift and flea market enthusiast. For many years I collected numerous decor items and within the last decade had a change of heart about the base colors used not only for my furniture, but also for most decorative accents. I lightened up and advanced my love for neutrals. Neutrals are the backbone to any interior decor color scheme. They grant easy access for layering either with a minimalist approach, or continuing with a desire for abundance and even something in-between. When it comes to accessorizing a home, having most

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