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I’m Floored

I believe the retail cost of beautiful flooring has become outrageous. I blame it on businesses wanting to get rich off of needed remodeling and DIY enthusiast. Most basic home builders do not add beautiful flooring to the selection in their design centers. They just want to build quick and sell fast. I'm in favor of buying older homes and giving them a makeover. Most of them were once built by builders using basic materials too and many previous owners never bothered to upgrade built-in things after moving in. Why contribute to urban sprawl when our cities have plenty of neighborhoods that need some good old fashion TLC? I live in a townhouse that was built in 1978. The previous owner did manage to do some remodeling after she inherited it from her parents, the original owners. She was an interior designer and antiques collector-dealer and a lot of what she did to this townhouse is exactly what I would have done, with one exception. She had sisal carpet installed on the master be…

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